Digital Media Player Audio Formats

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garmin nuvi 750 gps manualThere are lots of audio formats available today for digital media players which continue to be expanded. You may even see references to these file types as a Codec. The codec refers back to the algorithm that’s needed is to encode and decode (encode decode is abbreviated to codec).

During the past Digital Ipods (DAP) mostly now usually called called Audio players were restricted by manufacturers need to capture their potential customers by utilizing proprietary audio formats. This meant a digital Media player audio format used was determined by the maker. In the event you already had other Digital Media Player audio formats that according to garmingpsdeals they had to be converted. Often this might create problems converting from Digital Media Player format to an alternative.

You can still find several companies pursuing this initiative Apple is easily the most prominent you think of. Most MP3 player manufacturers are supporting an increased selection of audio formats than ever before. I believe that this can be partly at least due to the dominance in the Chinese manufacturers getting into the market. Even though the Chinese have proprietary formats these include just minor variations of Digital Media Player player audio.

Available in the market place there is apparently a large number of MP3 / Digital Media player audio codecs on the market and new ones coming on to the market regularly. The good thing is that there’s also converters out there for converting on the different formats plus they are often liberated to download. In case you have stored audio in some format that the Mp3 player doesnt support search online for particular converters for your format you’ve got for example if you need have FLAC and want to become MP3 look for FLAC to MP3 converter

I’ve been often inquired on different audio file types along with what software generates them as well as decodes them. Here is a comprehensive report on file types along with the manufacturers they’re also graded in the relative usage from most common to least.

garmin nuvi 750 gps manualFile Codec or Software Manufacturer Relative Usage Extension

.4mp 4-MP3 Database File Average
0.669 UNIS Composer 669 Module Average
.6cm Six Channel Module Average
.8cm Eight Channel Module Average
.8med Amiga OctaMed Music File Average
.8svx Amiga 8-Bit Sound File Average
.a2m AdLib Tracker 2 File Average
.aa Audible Audio Book File Common
.aa3 ATRAC Audio File Common
.aac Advanced Audio Coding File Common
.aax Audible Enhanced Audiobook File Average
.abc ABC Music Notation Average
.abm Music Album Average
.ac3 Audio Codec 3 File Average
.acd ACID Project File Average
.acm Interplay Audio File Common
.act ADPCM Compressed Audio File Average
.adg Ableton Device Group Average
.afc Mass Effect 2 Audio File Common
.agm DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File Average
.ahx WinAHX Tracker Module Average
.aif Audio Interchange Formatting Quite normal
.aifc Compressed Audio Interchange File Average
.aiff Audio Interchange File Format Average
.ais Velvet Studio Instrument Average
.akp Akai Sampler File Average
.al A-Law Compressed Sound Format Average
.alaw A-Law Compressed Sound Format Average
.all Cubasis Project File Uncommon
.amf Advanced Module File Average
.amr Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File Average
.ams Velvet Studio Module Average
.ams Extreme Tracker Module Average
.aob DVD-Audio Audio Object File Average
.ape Monkey’s Audio Lossless Audio File Average
.apf Sony Ericsson Firmware Acoustics File Uncommon
.apl Monkey’s Audio Track Information File Uncommon
.ase Velvet Studio Sample Average
.at3 ATRAC3 Audio File Common
.atrac Sony ATRAC Audio File Rare
.au Audio File Average
.aud Game Compressed Audio File Average
.aup Audacity Project File Average
.avr Audio Visual Research File Average
.awb AMR-WB Audio File Uncommon
.band GarageBand Project File Average
.bap Blaze Audio Wave Information File Average
.bdd CARA Sound Radiation Computer file Average
.box CARA Loudspeaker Design File Average
.bun Cakewalk Bundle File Average
.bwf Broadcast Wave File Average
.c01 Typhoon Wave Audio File Average
.caf Core Audio File Common
.cda CD Audio Track Shortcut Average
.cdda CD Digital Audio File Average
.cdr Raw Audio CD Data Uncommon
.cel Audition Loop Average
.cfa Adobe Conformed Audio File Average
.cidb iTunes CD Information File Average
.cmf Creative Music Format Uncommon
.copy Sony ericsson smartphone Protected Content File Average
.cpr Cubase Project Common
.cpt DTS Compact Audio File Average
.csh Cubase Waveform File Average
.cwp Cakewalk SONAR Project Average
.d00 OPL2 FM Audio File Average
.d01 OPL2 FM Audio File Average
.dcf DRM Content Format File Common
.dcm DCM Audio Module Average
.dct Dictation Audio File Uncommon
.ddt Jill in the Jungle Music File Rare
.dewf SoundEdit Recorded Instrument Average
.df2 Defractor 2 Instrument Average
.dfc Defractor Instrument Average
.dig Sound Designer Audio File Average
.dig Digilink Audio File Average
.dls Downloadable Sounds File Average
.dm DRM Delivery Message Average
.dmf Delusion Digital Music File Average
.dmsa Music Disc Creator Project File Common
.dmse Sound Editor Project File Common
.drg I-Doser Audio Drug File Average
.dsf Delusion Digital Sound File Average
.dsm Digital Sound Module Average
.dsp Dynamic Studio Professional Module Average
.dss Digital Speech Standard File Common
.dtm DigiTrakker Module Average
.dts DTS Encoded Audio File Average
.dtshd DTS-HD Master Audio File Average
.dvf Sony Digital Voice File Average
.dwd DiamondWare Digital Audio File Average
.ear Eyemail Audio Recording Average
.efa Ensoniq ASR File Average
.efe Ensoniq EPS File Average
.efk Ensoniq KT File Average
.efq Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File Average
.efs Ensoniq SQ-80 File Average
.efv Ensoniq VFX-SD File Average
.emd ABT Extended Module Average
.emp eMusic Music Download File Common
.emx eMusic Download File Common
.esps ESPS Sampled Computer file Average
.f2r Farandoyle Linear Module File Average
.f32 Raw 32-Bit Audio File Average
.f3r Farandoyle Blocked Module File Average
.f64 Raw 64-Bit Audio File Average
.far Farandole Composer Module Uncommon
.fff Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank Average
.flac Free Lossless Audio Codec File Common
.flp FruityLoops Project Average
.fls Flash Lite Sound Bundle Uncommon
.frg Sony Sound Forge Pro Project File Average
.fsm Farandole Composer WaveSample File Average
.fzb Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump Average
.fzf Casio FZ-1 Full Dump Average
.fzv Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump Average
.g721 G.721 Audio File Average
.g723 G.723 Audio File Average
.g726 G.726 Audio File Average
.gig Tascam GigaSampler File Average
.gp5 Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File Average
.gpk WaveLab Audio Peak File Average
.gsm US Robotics GSM Audio File Average
.gsm Global System for Mobile Audio File Average
.h0 Movie Edit Pro Waveform Information File Uncommon
.hdp Movie Edit Pro Audio Information File Uncommon
.hma Sony HI-MD Audio File Uncommon
.ics IC Recorder Sound File Average
.iff Interchange Data format Common
.imf Id Music File Rare
.imp Audition Impulse File Uncommon
.ins Ensoniq Instrument Average
.ins Sample Cell II Instrument Definition File Average
.it Impulse Tracker Module Uncommon
.iti Impulse Tracker Instrument Average
.its Impulse Tracker Sample Average
.jam JAM Musical Score Average
.k25 Kurzweil K2500 File Average
.k26 Kurzweil K2600 File Average
.kar Karaoke MIDI File Average
.kin Kinetic Music Project Average
.kit Battery Drum Kit File Uncommon
.kmp Korg Trinity/Triton Keymap File Uncommon
.koz Bell Music File Average
.koz Audiokoz Music File Average
.krz Kurzweil K2000 File Average
.ksc Korg Trinity/Triton Script File Uncommon
.ksf Korg Trinity/Triton Sample File Average
.kt2 Battery 2 Drum Kit File Uncommon
.kt3 Battery 3 Drum Kit File Average
.ktp Kinetic Project Template Average
.l Left Audio Channel File Average
.la Lossless Audio File Average
.lqt Liquid Audio File Uncommon
.lso Logic Audio Project Average
.lvp Avaya Voice Player Audio File Uncommon
.lwv Linguistically Enhanced Sound File Average
.m1a MPEG-1 Audio File Uncommon
.m4a Apple Lossless Audio File Common
.m4b MPEG-4 Mp3 audio book File Common
.m4p iTunes Music Store Audio File Average
.m4r iPhone Ringtone File Common
.ma1 Monarch Audio File Average
.mdl DigiTrakker Module Average
.med Amiga MED Sound File Average
.mgv Yamaha MegaVoice File Average
.miniusf Nintendo 64 Song File Average
.mka Matroska Audio File Average
.mlp Meridian Lossless Packing Audio File Uncommon
.mmf Synthetic Music Mobile Application File Average
.mmm MAGIX Music Maker File Uncommon
.mo3 MO3 Audio File Average
.mod Amiga Music Module File Common
.mp_ Cellphone Sound File Average
.mp1 MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File Uncommon
.mp2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File Average
.mp3 MP3 Audio File Very Common
.mpa MPEG-2 Audio File Quite normal
.mpc Musepack Compressed Audio File Average
.mpga MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File Average
.mpu MPEG Layer 3 Audio File Uncommon
.msv Thumb drive Voice File Uncommon
.mt2 MadTracker 2 Module Uncommon
.mte MadTracker 2 Envelope Average
.mti MadTracker Instrument Average
.mtm MultiTracker Module Average
.mtp MadTracker 2 Pattern Average
.mts MadTracker 2 Sample File Average
.mus Finale Notation Extendable Average
.mws MWave DSP Synth Instrument Extract Rare
.mzp Mozart Percussion File Uncommon
.nap Napster Secured Music File Average
.nki KONTAKT Instrument File Average
.nra Nero Audio Compilation Common
.nrt Nokia Ringtone Average
.nsa Nullsoft Streaming Audio File Average
.nsf NES Sound Format File Average
.nst NoiseTracker Module Average
.ntn NOTION Song File Average
.nvf Creative Labs NVF Audio File Uncommon
.nwc NoteWorthy Composer File Average
.odm OverDrive Media File Average
.oga Ogg Vorbis Audio File Average
.ogg Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio File Common
.okt Oktalyzer Module Average
.oma Sony OpenMG Music File Average
.omf Open Media Framework File Common
.omg OpenMG Audio File Average
.omx OtsAV Media Library Information File Average
.ots OtsAV Album File Average
.ove Overture Musical Score Average
.ovw Cubase WAVE Overview File Uncommon
.pac SBStudio II Song File Uncommon
.pat Gravis UltraSound GF1 Patch File Rare
.pbf Pinnacle Sample Bank Average
.pca Perfect Clarity Audio Average
.pcast iTunes Podcast File Common
.pcg Korg Instrument Bank File Average
.pcm Pulse Code Modulation Average
.peak Steinberg Peak File Average
.phy PhyMod Physical Modeling Data Average
.pk Audition Peak File Average
.pla Sansa Playlist File Average
.pna PhatNoise Audio File Average
.ppc Adobe Presenter Audio File Uncommon
.ppcx Adobe Presenter Presentation Audio File Uncommon
.prg Akai MPC2000 Program File Average
.prg WAVmaker Program File Average
.psf Portable Sound File Average
.psm Protracker Studio Module Average
.ptf Pro Tools 7 Session File Common
.ptm PolyTracker Module Average
.pts Pro Tools Session Average
.pvc Panasonic VM1 Voice File Average
.qcp PureVoice Audio File Average
.r Right Audio Channel File Uncommon
.r1m RealOne Videos online File Average
.ra Real Audio File Very Common
.ram Real Audio Media Common
.raw Raw Audio Data Average
.rax Real Music Store Audio File Average
.rbs Rebirth Song File Average
.rex ReCycle Loop File Average
.rfl Reason ReFill Sound Bank Average
.rmf Rich Music Format Average
.rmj Real Media Jukebox Audio File Average
.rmm RAM Meta File Uncommon
.rmx RealJukebox Format Average
.rng Nokia Composer Ringtone Average
.rns Reason Song File Common
.rol Ad Lib Synthesized Instrument Average
.rsn Reason Project File Average
.rso NXT Brick Audio File Average
.rti Real Tracker Instrument Average
.rtm Real Tracker Module Average
.rts Real Tracker Sample Average
.rvx Real Protected Video File Uncommon
.s3i Scream Tracker 3 Instrument Average
.s3m ScreamTracker 3 Module Uncommon
.s3z Compressed Scream Tracker 3 Module Uncommon
.saf Secure Audio File Average
.sam MOD Edit Sample File Average
.sb Signed Byte Audio File Rare
.sbg SBaGen Binaural Beat File Uncommon
.sbi Sound Blaster Instrument Average
.sbk E-MU SoundFont Sound Bank Uncommon
.sc2 Sample Cell II Instrument Definition Average
.sd ESPS Sampled Computer file Average
.sd Sound Designer Audio File Average
.sd2 Sound Designer II File Average
.sd2f Sound Designer 2 File Uncommon
.sdat Nintendo DS Sound Computer file Average
.sdii Sound Designer 2 Audio File Rare
.sds MIDI Sample Dump Standard File Average
.sdt Electronic Arts Sound Computer file Uncommon
.sdx Sample MIDI Dump Exchange Average
.seg Eragon Audio File Rare
.seq PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File Common
.ses Audition Session Average
.sf IRCAM Sound File Average
.sf2 SoundFont 2 Sound Bank Average
.sfk Sound Forge Audio Peak File Average
.sfl Sound Forge Sound Computer file Average
.shn Shorten Compressed Audio File Average
.sib Sibelius Score Common
.sid SID Audio File Rare
.sid Commodore 64 Music File Rare
.smf Standard MIDI File Average
.smp SampleVision Audio Sample Format Average
.snd Macintosh Sound Resource Average
.snd Sound File Common
.snd Akai MPC Sample Uncommon
.sng MIDI Song File Average
.sng Korg Trinity Song File Uncommon
.sou SBStudio II Sound File Average
.sppack SPPack Sound Sample Average
.sprg Synclavier Program File Average
.spx Ogg Vorbis Speex File Uncommon
.sseq Nintendo ds lite Sound File Average
.sseq Synclavier Sequence File Uncommon
.ssnd Synclavier Sound File Average
.stm Scream Tracker 2 Module Average
.stx Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit File Average
.sty Yamaha/Korg Keyboard Style Uncommon
.svx 8SVX Sound File Average
.sw Signed Word Audio File Average
.swa ShockWave Audio Average
.syh Synchomatic Instrument Average
.syw Yamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File Average
.syx MIDI System Exclusive Message Average
.td0 Akai Teledisk Sound Library Average
.tfmx Final Stereo system Tracker Module Average
.thx Amiga THX Tracker Music File Average
.toc PSP Audio File Uncommon
.tsp TrueSpeech Audio File Average
.txw Yamaha TX16W Audio File Average
.u AU Audio File Average
.ub Unsigned Byte Audio File Uncommon
.ulaw Raw u-Law Audio File Uncommon
.ult UltraTracker Module Average
.ulw u-Law Audio File Rare
.uni MikMod UniMOD Module Average
.usf Nintendo 64 Music File Average
.usflib Nintendo 64 Song Library Average
.uw Unsigned Word Audio File Average
.uwf UltraTracker Wave File Average
.vag PlayStation Compressed Sound File Average
.val Olympus Voice Recording Rare
.vc3 VSampler Soundbank File Average
.vmd Covox Raw Sample Average
.vmf Vocaltec Media File Average
.vmf Covox Speech Thing Sample Average
.voc Creative Labs Audio File Average
.voi Voyetra Voice File Average
.vox VoxWare Dialogic Audio File Average
.vpm Garmin Voice File Common
.vqf TwinVQ Audio File Average
.vrf Ventrilo Audio Recording Average
.vyf Samsung Digital Voice Recorder File Average
.w01 Yamaha SY Series Wave File Average
.wav DTS-WAV File Uncommon
.wav WAVE Audio File Quite normal
.wave WAVE Sound File Average
.wax Windows Media Audio Redirect Average
.wfb WaveFront Sound Bank Average
.wfd WaveFront Drum Kit File Average
.wfp WaveFront Program File Average
.wma Windows Media Audio File Quite typical
.wow Grave Composer Music Module Average
.wpk Nero Wave Editor File Average
.wproj Wwise Project Average
.wrk Cakewalk Music Project Average
.wus WUTG Tagged Audio File Average
.wut WUTG Tag File Average
.wv WavPack Audio File Average
.wvc WavPack Correction File Average
.wwu Wwise Work Unit Average
.xa The Sims Audio File Average
.xa PlayStation Audio File Uncommon
.xfs eRacer Sound File Average
.xi Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File Average
.xm Fasttracker 2 Extended Module Average
.xmf Extensible Music File Average
.xmi Extended MIDI File Average
.xmz FastTracker 2 Extended Module Uncommon
.xp Fastracker 2 Pattern Average
.xrns Renoise Song File Average
.xsb XACT Sound Bank Uncommon
.xspf XSPF Playlist File Average
.xt Fastracker 2 Track Average
.xwb XACT Wave Bank Uncommon
.ym Atari ST Audio File Rare
.zvd ZyXEL Voice File Average
.zvr SAFA Media Audio File Rare

The type of Digital Media Player that you choose should reflect your preferences rather than that regarding they. There are numerous media player available now that suit all budgets and degrees of expertise. Dont be fooled into convinced that Apple Ipod is the only player that is certainly actually works properly. Apple goods are not the standard through which we should all judge Digital Media Players they’ve got problems too, an illustration is Apple Ipod life of the battery.

Digital Media Players are among the coolest toys to experience with in the world. These are continuing to improve making us more fulfilling. In the event the manufacturers can organise some sort of standardisation of music formats your decision about your Digital Media Player will become a tremendous amount easier.